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Q: Can I bring my own Bingo Dabber?

A: Yes. But we will have some available for sale and we will have free pencils to mark your cards. 


Q: Can I bring outside Food/Drinks

A: No. Outside food and drinks are not allowed.


Q: Can minors come to the trivia/music bingo?

A: While Tipsy Trivia doesn’t exclude minors, most venues that serve alcohol do. Standard entry rules and requirements of valid ID apply.


Q: I was unhappy with the service at the Bar/Pub where trivia was held. 

A: If there were problems with the quality of food or service, we would like to know as it is part of the overall experience for our events. While we will pass the information along to the venue, you must personally contact the venue if you would like any compensation. If venues are unable to accommodate the volume of our events, we will find venues better suited.


Q: I was unhappy with the host during trivia/music bingo, who do I talk to?

A: If you were unhappy with the host, please bring it to our attention by contacting we take these matters very seriously.

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