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large venues & franchises

Boost your business with brain-teasing fun!

consolidate & cut costs responsibly by letting us handle the entertainment

We pride ourselves on being a reliable, cost-effective, and flexible partner for large venues, franchises, and institutions such as libraries and senior residences.


We understand that effective communication is crucial when working with big companies and we make it our priority to keep our clients informed and satisfied. With a dedicated account manager and access to our project management software, our clients can trust that every detail is being taken care of and everyone involved is on the same page and organized.

Contact us today for a free consultation and quote, and let's start planning your next successful events together.

Customization & scalability​

At Tipsy Trivia, we strive to offer the perfect balance between customization and scalability. We understand that each event is unique, and we take great care in tailoring our trivia games to suit the specific needs of your venue, location, and audience. However, we also believe that consistency is key to providing a reliable and enjoyable experience for our clients. That's why we have streamlined our event procedures to ensure a seamless and consistent delivery across all locations. Whether you are a local business or a large franchise, our standardized approach makes it easy to maintain brand standards and quality control. With Tipsy Trivia, you can enjoy the benefits of customized and engaging events, all while benefiting from our proven system for a reliable and consistent experience.

Comprehensive Event Services

At Tipsy Trivia, we offer comprehensive event services that take care of everything needed to make your trivia night a success. Our experienced team handles all aspects of the event, from organization and promotion to question and music selection and execution. We provide all essential supplies and ensure a consistent experience across all locations. With analytics reports to track your community growth and identify areas for improvement, Tipsy Trivia is your one-stop-shop for a professional and engaging event.

Communication & Marketing

At Tipsy Trivia, we believe that effective communication is key to a successful partnership. That's why we offer guest access to our project management software, ensuring that everyone involved in the trivia night is on the same page and organized. We also provide a clear agreement outlining our collaborative partnership, ensuring that everyone is on board with the expectations and goals of the trivia night. Our experienced account managers are always available to answer any questions and address any concerns that may arise. With Tipsy Trivia's marketing and communication services, you can enjoy a stress-free and successful trivia night, knowing that you have a reliable partner on your side.

Increased Revenue and loyalty

At Tipsy Trivia, our top priority is to help our clients achieve their goals of increasing revenue and building customer loyalty. We understand that this can only be accomplished through a consistent, dedicated effort to curate a special atmosphere and foster a sense of community. That's why we don't see our events as a one-time thing; we strive to establish long-term relationships with our clients and their patrons. By continually tweaking our events and practices, we ensure that everyone is happy and engaged, fostering repeat attendance and ultimately increasing customer loyalty.

Community partnerships

senior residences

At Tipsy Trivia, we believe that socialization is crucial for seniors living in residences. That's why we've created trivia nights that are not only fun but also engaging. Our trivia nights are the perfect opportunity for seniors to interact with each other while exercising their minds. We customize our trivia questions to match the interests and abilities of the seniors, ensuring that everyone can participate and have a great time. Additionally, our experienced hosts are reliable, passionate, and understand the unique needs of seniors. Our team includes a geriatrics specialist who coaches our hosts to be aware of the challenges that seniors may face in residences and to tailor our content accordingly. Join us for a night of fun, friendship, and mental stimulation!

community centers

Tipsy Trivia provides engaging and tailored trivia events for community centers. Our experienced hosts ensure that everyone feels welcome and included. Our trivia nights encourage social interaction and friendly competition, making them an excellent way to bring people together and break down social barriers. Our comprehensive marketing and promotions ensure that the event is well-attended, promoting socialization and community building.


Tipsy Trivia provides a fun and engaging way for schools to raise funds and build a sense of community among students, staff, and parents. Our trivia events can be tailored to the interests and age groups of the school community, making them a perfect fit for school fundraisers, parent-teacher associations, and other school events. Our experienced hosts ensure that everyone feels included and our comprehensive marketing and promotions ensure that the event is well-attended. Our trivia nights also provide an opportunity for students to socialize and engage in friendly competition, promoting teamwork and critical thinking skills. Tipsy Trivia is an excellent way for schools to raise funds while promoting community building and education.


Tipsy Trivia offers a unique and engaging way for libraries to bring their communities together and promote literacy. Our trivia events can be customized to align with the library's mission and the interests of their patrons. Our experienced hosts create a welcoming and inclusive environment, encouraging socialization and friendly competition. Our comprehensive marketing and promotions ensure that the event is well-attended, promoting community engagement and building relationships with patrons. Our trivia nights provide an opportunity for participants to learn and have fun while supporting the library. Tipsy Trivia is an excellent way for libraries to promote their services while fostering a sense of community and lifelong learning.

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